Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 23 to 31st Jan 24
Linn Utopik Promotion 1st Nov 23 to 31st Jan 24
Free Utopik Power Supply upgrade with selected purchases. Call 0118 321 8292 for advice.

Linn Upgrades

Linn Upgrades

Linn Utopik Power Supply Upgrades

Now available for: Klimax DSM Next Generation, Klimax DSM &DS, Selekt DSM Classic, Akurate DSM & DS, Akurate ExaktBox 6 & 10,  Akurate CD, Akurate Kontrol, Majik DS, Kustom DSM, Unidisk

Organik Upgrade

Linn's ground breaking Organik DAC architecture will elevate your listening experience. 

Available for the following:

Linn Radikal II DC Motor and Power Supply Klimax

Upgrade for existing Radikal owners. Available for standard or machined casework.

Surround Sound Upgrade

Native surround sound processing for Linn DSM (upto 7.1)

Available for:

Linn HDMI 2.0 Upgrade for DSM

HDMI 2.0 for UHD (4K and HDR video pass-though. Compatible with HDCP 2.2, ARC and CEC.

*Included as part of the Surround Sound upgrade and Kalalyst upgrades if needed.

Available for:

YouTube Strap