Audiovector QR7 SE Loudspeaker


Audiovector QR7 SE Loudspeaker

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Audiovector QR7 Loudspeaker
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Powerful Dynamics and Impressive Bass

The design goal of the QR series has always been to offer the most advanced technology in a perfectly finished and proportioned high-end package. The sound is big, bold and dynamic, yet subtle and detailed when required and an excellent solution for all types of music.

The QR 7 is the ultimate flagship in the QR range and is sporting a whopping 2×8-inch bass system, 6-inch midrange and a sweet yet detailed AMT tweeter, this speaker is ideal for non-fatiguing and dynamic listening sessions.

With the addition of the fast QR Sub, the detailed QR Center and the easily placed QR Wall, we are proud to be able to deliver a very strong and powerful home cinema speaker solution.

Due to the gentle impedance load and high efficiency of 90.5dB it is an easily driven speaker – perfect fit for solid state and tube amplifiers.

A pair of black QR7 speakers with a leather chair in the room and a valve amplifier

  • frequency response: 28-52 kHz
  • sensitivity: 90.5 dB/W/m
  • impedance: 6 Ohms
  • power handling: 300 W
  • x-over frequencies: 425/3000 Hz
  • bass drivers: 2 x 8” Pure Piston Technology
  • mid drivers: 1 x 6” Pure Piston Mid
  • treble driver: Gold Leaf AMT 2 with S-stop
  • principle: 3 Way
  • bass system: Q-port bass reflex
  • dimensions: height 1040mm x width 250mm x depth 400mm
  • weight 36.2 kilos pcs

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