ZoneRipper CLASSIC


ZoneRipper CLASSIC

ZoneRipper CLASSIC ripping NAS
Fitted with Conventional hard drives (HDD)
Product Colour
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ZoneRipper CLASSIC ripping NAS

Music storage for your digital audio system with automatic CD ripping function. Simply insert the CD and it will be converted into your chosen format along with track and title information and album art* 

ZoneRipper Classic is designed to offer outstanding storage capacity in a utility styled case.

  • Automated CD Ripping
  • Multiple ripping formats supported including
    • FLAC
    • WAV
    • Apple Lossless
    • MP3
    • AIFF
  • AssetUPnP UPnP Server pre-installed
  • Squeezebox Server Pre-installed
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Tray loading optical drive
  • PC and Mac compatible
ZoneRipper Classic features conventional hard drives (HDD) and is available in the following storage capacities:
* Album art and track and title information read from online databases.
Single Hard Drive Models
1 x 1TB
1 x 2TB
Dual Hard Drive Models
2 x 1TB
2 x 2TB
Dual drive units have the drives in a mirror configuration. Data is written simultaneously to both disks to prevent data loss in the event of a single drive failure.


Intel Processor

Capacities from 1TB to 4TB (2 x 2TB)

Robust Tray loading CD mechanism with Automated CD Ripping

AssetUPnP server for Linn DS, Naim, Moon etc

Linn Kazoo Server for Linn DS

Network Shares for Sonos etc

10/100/1000 Network Interface

Windows Home Server Operating System

ZoneRipper features AssetUPnP and ripping software based on DBPowerAmp from Illustrate.

Case Construction

Plastic and steel


27cm x 26cm x 12cm 3.2kg

In the box


UTP Network Cable

12v DC power adapter

Mains Cable

Quick Start Guide

Overall Rating

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