REL Classic 99 Subwoofer


REL Classic 99 Subwoofer

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REL Classic 99 Subwoofer
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A potent symphony of design, power, and grace. Building on the foundation laid by Classic 98, this model amplifies every attribute: more power, deeper bass, and a design that captures both the eye and the ear. With 450 watts driving a robust 12” paper-on-paper driver, Classic 99 not only plays louder and reaches deeper, but also adds layers of subtle textural enhancements that continuously impress. 

REL Classic 99 Subwoofer on a tiled floor with a woman sat beside it.

Nothing Continues to Say Lifestyle like Mid-Century Modern RELs

Classic 99 extends the Classic Line to loftier heights. Richer, bolder, and more powerful? Certainly. Yet 99 is also capable of far greater nuance, air, and resolution than its lesser brethren. For those with more capable systems and larger rooms, Classic 99 delivers advances on every front, while still maintaining the same easy-going, room-filling nature all Classic offerings possess. The high-grade genuine dark walnut veneer complements a variety of decors. Classic 99 delivers this in the same simple, comforting form of Mid-Century Modern design. Perfect for those who welcomed the original, yet were waiting for the next chapter to be written, those who crave even higher performance and the ability to fill larger, grander spaces with a broad carpet of deep bass. You’ll still want to put on a record, pour a favorite drink, sink into your favorite chair, and relax into the music or movie of your choice. Classic 99, for those who waited for more.

Designed to be Superior

Classic 99 adopts the form language introduced in its model 98 stablemate. As comfortable as a pair of well-worn loafers, it features solid cabinet walls as thick as 32 mm, clad in rich, warm walnut veneer, hand fitted with care. The simplest of natural aluminium badges and softly radiused feet milled from solid billet, blacked out to allow it to seemingly float, ensure that nothing, not even a grille disturbs the vibe. Yet, as with all RELs, the styling conveys far more than simple comfort. The down-firing 12” driver, while unseen, will surely be felt. Continuing to the rear panel, one finds the period-correct detailing extends to the amplifier panel, where all controls are finished in lovely white gold. Everything that one encounters has the heft of quality switch gear, even the click made by the phase switch is near perfection. Quality abounds everywhere one looks or touches. 

REL Classic 99 Subwoofer beside a cream seat.

Driven to be Louder and Quieter

As anyone familiar with REL will tell you, they always begin with the driver. In this case, a bespoke 12” long stroke driver that uses lightweight, stiff, hot-pressed paper to form the main body of the cone. Laid atop that is a stiff center cap made of hand-thrown paper; to randomize the fibres, ensuring that the driver has excellent self-damping. This is one of REL’s secrets. Understanding that it is the quietness, that attention to bring the driver to complete silence, that produces the most startling dynamics. Whilst Classic 99 will play shatteringly loud, it’s from the very black background that the loudest dynamics emerge to produce the sense of shock sought by great composers and directors.

More than Ample Amplification

Classic 99 is big, bold, and full of character, similar to the Stentor II of our youth, but at one-third the price. Of course, the 99 has a great amp. In order to generate deeper bass and significantly higher output, REL turned to a tried-and-true Class D amplifier that they’ve already used in thousands of previous units.  This 450 watt amplifier is fed by an all analogue PerfectFilter™ front end that extends useful output well into the low 20 Hz range – superb for a design of this size and price. It produces a sound that’s both rich and richly detailed at the same time. Classic 99 borrows the best from current technology to deliver a sound slightly warmer and more like what we all imagine vintage sound to be, with superior reliability and performance than was ever available back in the day.

A pair of REL Classic 99 Subwoofers in a living space

Less Wiring?

The future meets the past gloriously in REL’s wireless offerings. For the ultimate, select the Airship II which encourages the use of REL’s High-Level Connection PLUS .1/LFE should your listening tastes run toward movies. And these days who doesn’t stream quality video content? This is REL's ultimate wireless design at 5.8 GHz and uses discrete components in the front end to transform your system’s sound flawlessly into totally uncompressed wireless capable of eliminating the sprawl of cables across one’s living space.

On a tighter budget? We slip the exact same 5.8 gig master chip into an affordable system that allows for Low Level or .1/LFE to deliver across the same 35’ with the same bulletproof signal delivery that they’ve become famous for over the past 15 years. HT-Air MKII Wireless is one of life’s great bargains.

  • TYPE: Closed Box, down-firing driver
  • ACTIVE DRIVER SIZE & MATERIAL: 12 in. (305mm) Amended Pulp-on-Paper, Downfiring Inverted Cone, Steel Chassis
  • INPUT CONNECTORS: High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level RCA, LFE RCA
  • POWER OUTPUT: 450 watts (RMS)
  • WIRELESS CAPABILITY: HT-Air MKII Wireless or AirShip II, Sold separately
  • D.C. FAULT: Yes
  • MAINS INPUT VOLTAGE: 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
  • FUSES: 4 Amp semi delay 220 volts operation 8 Amp semi delay 120 volts operation
  • Dimensions
    W X H X D
    Width 15.75 in. × Height 21.0 in. × Depth 13.8 in. (400mm × 534mm x 350mm) Add 1.75in (44.5mm) in depth when using a High Level connector
  • NET WEIGHT: 49.3 Ibs. (22.4 kg). Shipping weight: 59.7 Ibs. (27.1 kg)
  • FINISH: Walnut veneer
  • in the box: mains lead, Neutrik Speakon - 10 metres (33'6") nominal, user manual

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