PlixiR Elite BDC Stack Melco Power Supply


PlixiR Elite BDC Stack Melco Power Supply

PlixiR Elite BDC Stack Melco Power Supply

PLiXiR's new Elite range of AC and DC power products are stackable to minimise their footprint and your cabling needs, while providing high-end power-conditioning performance for your system. Customise the series to fit your exact power requirements. Choose from a set of different voltage and current-rating AC and DC power products, up to a stack of three. The ability to design your own stack of power products helps you optimise your system for better audio reproduction compared to singular products. And the balanced power transformers that reduce ground loop current and noise issues mean unparallelled performance.

Elite BDC

PLiXiR's Elite BDC range of balanced linear DC power supplies are their flagship cost-no-object product. Supplying your equipment with absolute noise free DC power, the unique 3 stage regulation design starts with a customed Noratel power transformer in balanced mode operation. Best of all the 3 stage design prevents noise from your equipment from polluting other hifi equipment in your setup. 

Elite BAC

The Elite balanced power conditioners features the highest grade power transformer from Noratel, the inventor and premier toroidal power transformer manufacturer. Customised to PLiXiR's exact spec and with proprietary XQ (eXtra Quiet) technology, their Elite balanced power conditioner provides the best noise isolation, power conditioning and optimal systems grounding for your hifi system in a single package.

  • output: 12V 2A x 2 DC - 4
  • connector: 2.1mm

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