PliXiR Elementa DC Power Supply 2 Amps - 5 volts


PliXiR Elementa DC Power Supply 2 Amps - 5 volts

PliXiR Elementa DC Power Supply 2 Amps - 5 volts

Based on trickled down technology from the PlixiR flagship Elite range of balanced DC power supply, the Elementa DC power supply is the most cost effective DC power supply solution.  With a dual voltage regulation stage and high quality parts including a custom Noratel transformer, it is still highly superior to most off-the-shelf DC power supplies in the market that feature only a single stage regulation. 

Designed for all high end audio analog and digital DC power supply application including DAC and phono stages, It is extremely suitable for audio digital auxiliary products like routers, ethernet switches, music streamers, USB signal reclockers, HDD and NAS application, as the 2 stage regulation design prevents digital noise from traversing back upstream, polluting the mains AC power.

Elementa BDC

The Elementa range of linear DC power supplies are the cost effective solution for your DC power supplies requirements. Featuring a 2 stage regulation design and a customed Noratel power transformer it provides a low noise DC power supply for your hifi system equipment. Best of all the 2 stage design prevents noise from your equipment from polluting other hifi equipment in your setup. 

Other Features

Casing: Rigid 2.5mm thick aluminium casing that acts as the heat sink and is vibration resistant.

Premium Components: Selected premium components including a custom-made low-noise Noratel balance transformer, ultra-low-impedance capacitors, high-current connectors and high-purity copper cables.

  • Output: 5V 1A DC-1
  • Connector: 2.5mm
  • pre-regulator: Simplified Class A driven pre-regulator stage eliminates most of the noise and heat for subsequent DC voltage regulator stage
  • pre-regulator stage: equivalent to more than 1F filter capacitance before main DC voltage regulator stage
  • input voltage: Available in 110Vac or 230Vac
  • power cable: Includes a one-meter-long PLiXiR Elementa High Current DC Power Cable with a choice of 1.3mm, 1.7mm, 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC plugs to mate with your equipment
  • casing finish: Black anodised, sandblasted aluminium
  • dimensions (in mm): 131 x 180 x 55

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