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Christmas 2021
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Kudos Cardea C20 Loudspeaker


Kudos Cardea C20 Loudspeaker

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If you’re seriously tempted by the sound of the Kudos Cardea Super 20A but have a little less budget to play with, then the Cardea C20 is the one to audition. Built along very similar lines to the Super 20A, it offers a “gratifyingly spacious but precisely defined soundstage” (Hi-Fi News) and “jaw-dropping transient abilities” (Hi-Fi World), but with a more compact footprint. In common with all of Kudos Cardea series models, the C20 is a terrific communicator. It brings the full, vivid detail of your music to life - from soaring and swooping highs, to an agile and precise bass, and never leaving out those ever-vital minutiae such as the skin-tingling background sounds of a great live session. Its easy 8-ohm impedance means that the C20 will partner effortlessly with a wide range of valve and solid state amplifiers.

exceptional, custom-made crossovers

Kudos’ one-of-a-kind drivers are custom designed in collaboration with leading European experts, SEAS. All four Cardea series models feature our Crescendo K2 fabric dome tweeter, a development of SEAS’ superb (and justifiably costly) Crescendo unit re-engineered exclusively for Kudos. The mid/bass drivers are unique to each model.
The drivers are precisely matched and seamlessly aligned to work together, as one, delivering an effortless ‘just right’ sound. You’ll know it when you hear it.

low-order crossover and minimal design for a purer sound

The purer the signal, the truer the sound. A Kudos loudspeaker preserves a clean and clear audio signal by favouring a minimal design with the Kudos trademark, low-order crossover. The C20’s superb quality components, including Mundorf inductors and resistors, and ClarityCap capacitors, are tailored specifically for Kudos to stringent tolerances.

fixed boundary bass reflex loading

Since bass plays such a powerful role in how we hear music, the Kudos floorstanding Cardeas pay particular attention to delivering superior sound at the all-important lower end. The C20’s fixed boundary bass reflex loading is key to a more agile, nuanced, textured and detailed bass reproduction.

interior design

The Cardea series’ modernist aesthetic looks elegantly simple on the outside, yet the inside is reassuringly hard-working. In a true marriage of form and function, design and materials combine to effectively manage unwanted vibrations while leaving the natural dynamics of your music blissfully undisturbed.

  • 2-way
  • bass reflex
  • floorstander
  • nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • mid/bass driver: 
  • Kudos 180mm unit with cast chassis, coated paper cone and 26mm voice coil
  • recommended amplifier power detail: 25W - 200W
  • frequency range: 30Hz – 30kHz AIRR (average in-room response)
  • dimensions: height 925mm, width 200mm, depth 270mm
  • sensitivity: @1W, 1m, 88 dB
  • tweeter: SEAS-Kudos Crescendo K2 29mm fabric dome
  • weight (per loudspeaker): 18kg
  • finishes: black oak, natural oak, satin white, walnut

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