Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina Loudspeaker


The Pearl Pelegrina is the flagship Cabasse Pearl product designed to satisfy the most demanding music lovers.

A Cabasse Rialto in white on a red table with coloured lights behind.
Cabasse Abyss Stereo Amplifier on a side table with a woman's hand reaching for the controls.
Cabasse Pearl Sub in black on a wooden floor in a living area.  There are two Cabasse speakers on stands in black.  there's a large blue chair in the foreground and a table against the back wall between the speakers.
A pair of black Cabasse Pearl speakers on stands either side of a modern wooden shelving unit with minimal objects on.  the floor looks like polished grey concrete.
a pair of Cabasse Pearl Akoya speakers in white on a white sideboard with an abstract piece of art propped behind them and a blue chair in the background.
A pair of Cabasse Pearl Keshis either side of a flat screen television.  they are on a large side-board.  the tv is mounted on the wall.  The Cabasse Sub is on the floor.
Cabasse Murano speaker on a side-board beside two bowls.  The wall in the background is yellow.
A pair of Cabasse Minorca Loudspeakers on a wooden sideboard with a stereo between them.
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